Auto Meal Ordering System

Automeal ordering systems
Dynamic Industrial is a pioneer in India for restaurant automation and Auto meal ordering systems as well. Your esteemed guest can search, view and select the items just on a tap of fingers, the e way. The food will be delivered to the tables through the food train direct from the kitchen, totally manless. Great impression, day on day, year on year.

Auto Ordering Systems in India has been designed & distributed by Dynamic Industrials. This is the all new innovative technique to impress the restaurant & Hotel guests and take orders from them without any waiters & without any time loss. Our Ordering Systems are also being integrated with the signature Rampwalker Automatic Food Delivery Systems in India. The Automatic Delivery Systems ensure error free delivery of ordered foods to the concerned table through the much talked about exquisite Rampwalker Food delivery trains.
It has been a boon for the restaurant Industry and Hotels as the above combination proves to be a Effective cost saver in terms of lesser manpower, year on year. Healthy revenue generator in terms of addition of new clients, along with effective customer retention. Providing great technological advancement and great aesthetics to your restaurants.
Rampwalker’s Auto ordering systems and Auomatic Food Delivery Systems are so flexible that you can use either or both for your restaurants. Automoatic Ordering Systems are also vastly recommended for Hotels whereas the Paper Menus and the telephone ordering from rooms can be eliminated and replaced with the latest technology.
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